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Local Spotlight: The Fish & Chip Shop 

Photo Credit: The Fish & Chip Shop

We may be in isolation, but that won’t stop us bringing you our monthly blog. With the power of technology, we chatted to the team at The Fish & Chip Shop about all things Fish & Chips, Norwich, students and how they are dealing with these uncertain times.

Photo Credit: The Fish & Chip Shop. Juber is located in the middle

CS: Thanks for taking the time to chat to us, especially through these uncertain times. Let’s start with telling us a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been in Norwich for.

Juber: It’s not a problem at all. I moved to Norwich 29 years ago as a four-year-old child with my parents. I grew up in Mulbarton, a small village on the outskirts of Norwich so I consider myself a local lad. Although I was born in London and have many ties in London, Norwich is my home and where I feel most comfortable. I love this city and its vibrancy, a growing city with multi-culturalism in abundance. I am a family oriented person, with a lovely wife, two children and another child on the way! My parents and siblings are all from Norwich living locally. I love my sports, I’m into various sports and I attend local Norwich City FC games. Although sports and events are nice to be involved in, I am very ambitious in business and keen on establishing myself as a key person in Norwich. I like to travel when I can and have been to various parts of the world.

Photo Credit: The Fish & Chip Shop

CS: I agree, you’re definitely a local. That’s also one of the reason why we, as a company keep coming back to Norwich, it is extremely open, very community orientated and the vibrancy of the city is just amazing, no wonder everyone keeps coming back. Being a key person in Norwich, what made you decide on opening a fish and chip shop instead of another business?

Juber: Growing up in a village, we were very limited to take-away food and our usual weekly treat was fish and chips, it seemed to motivate the village and everyone used to look forward to it. My love and passion for fish and chips grew from there. I have always been around food; my father is a serial food entrepreneur in food outlets and I am well-accustomed to the food trade. I wanted to do something different from Indian food and scoured opportunities until we found the great location on Magdalen Street opposite the Anglia Square on the high street.

Photo Credit: The Fish & Chip Shop

CS: Sounds like it’s the perfect fit for you then! And who can go past a good fish and chip, especially in a city with two universities. Tell us more about your store and what you offer to the locals and students?

Juber: Initially myself and my business partner Babrul Matin, identified this location and after months of negotiation we reached an agreement to acquire the premises. It used to be a run-down butcher’s shop and we had a mega task on our hands in revamping the entire premises to what it is today. It took us over a year to go through this process and in the end, we are pleased and excited, as are our local customers with the aesthetic presentation of our shop, it does look really nice, traditional and authentically British. One of our unique selling points is that we are the only Halal chippy in the whole of Norfolk. We have customers coming from all over the Norfolk region, purely because we are the only Halal outlet in Norfolk. We launched on the last day of September 2019 and we are over half way into our first year of opening. It has been a really interesting time and we can see traction growing around our food and brand, day after day with our following growing.

We consulted with the student community on our menu and have a great range of options for our student customers. From getting a quick round of chips and battered sausage on the fly to having a Combo meal for 2/3 persons or the Big Combo for 4/5 persons, in fact the Combo was an idea that was created by a UEA student!

Photo Credit: The Fish & Chip Shop

CS: Sounds like it was worth it in the end though. You must be very relieved to be up and running now, and to have many customers coming from all over Norfolk must be incredibly exciting. It must have been a great feeling and a relief to get a student’s perspective on the type of food and deals they want to see on the menu, the response from the local community and students must have made you feel very positive.

Juber: Students regularly pop in for a meal and order to have their meals delivered. Students have engaged well with our social media activities, in particular some have left pics, posts and videos commending our food and experience. The cod and chips are our most popular choice, with our classic haddock at a close second. The local community love our place and we are getting raving feedback, many of them are continuing to discover us on a daily basis.

Photo Credit: The Fish & Chip Shop

CS: It’s amazing to hear when the local community and students really rallies together for small independent businesses. I feel that’s what makes Norwich stand out from other areas. Especially through these last few months, it’s great to see everyone come together in support, what have you come up with to help the local community through these uncertain times and for people who are new to the area?

Juber: Since our launch, we have been working closely with the Lord Mayor of Norwich and we have a particular interest in working with our community, in particular the disabled, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable. With this we have launched a Covid19 special menu with a value meal and budget meal options to serve the vulnerable and key worker communities with a delicious hot meal at ridiculously low prices during this period. And we have adapted our shop to introduce distancing of staffing and customers and increased our hygiene standards to keep everyone safe and healthy. I’d recommend during these times that people should visit our website and connect with us on social to stay updated. With our Covid19 special offer everyone can either download our app or order directly via our website to get much better value deals rather than ordering through platforms such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats to buy from us.

Covid-19 Special Offers. Photo Credit: The Fish & Chip Shop

CS: This is one moment where I wish I was self-isolation in Norwich instead of London. I’ll say this for everyone in Norwich when I say thank you for doing your bit during this difficult time. Staying connected to the community is key for everyone, especially those who have just moved or about to. What advice would you give them?

Juber: The first place you visit in Norwich should be my shop! You will get to know the City much better by coming to meet me or my team, we will tell you everything you need to know about Norwich. We are in a vibrant part of town with lots of shops and you’ll get to buy things at great low value in the Anglia Square, just don’t come on a Friday or Saturday evening as it’s so busy we don’t have time to breathe! If ever you get lonely, visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, whichever you like most, we are always around!

Photo Credit: The Fish & Chip Shop

CS: Great advice! The best way to see a new town is always through a local! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions.

The Fish & Chip Shop is open Monday to Saturdays 4.30pm to 9.30pm. Check out their website and socials to stay up to date

Twitter: @TheFishChipShop

Instagram: @TheFishNChipShop


Stay Safe Everyone!